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We offer timber and furniture companies strong materials and flexible cooperation. Textuur produces: glulam boards, furniture details, sawdust briquettes, sawn timber


Inflexible quality for orders of any size

Pine GlulamAs raw material for solid wood furniture

The range of pine glulam boards is very wide. We can fill small orders of 1-2 boards, as well as satisfy the needs of larger buyers. There are no standard measurements for producing pine glulam board, so we produce according to what the client orders.

A, B and C quality categories are available.

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Furniture detailsFor large furniture manufacturers

We produce furniture details from pine glulam board according to the client’s schemes. Textuur uses semiautomatic precision drilling benches that enable making details that can meet even the most demanding expectations.

Every month we produce over 800 000 different solid wood details.

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Pine sawn timberFor small scale production or an industrial client

In our two sawmills, we produce sawn pine timber, a raw material that can easily be processed and is very versatile. Sawn timber from smaller logs is suitable for raw material in furniture production, while sawn timber from larger logs are suitable for door and window manufacturing components.

Small buyers can choose the suitable material on the spot.

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Wood briquetteFor high quality heating

Our briquette is made of 10% humidity sawdust, which is a by-product of producing glulam board. The briquettes do not contain any other added materials and have a very high heating value.

The briquettes are packaged in 20 kg bags. On request, we can use Big-Bags packaging, which fits up to a ton.

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Finger jointed materialsStronger and more resilient than regular wood

In smaller quantities, we also produce finger jointed knotless materials for the furniture industry.

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Textuur AS owns different certificates.

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About Us

Textuur – Reliable and strong quality

We are a timber production company located in Karksi-Nuia, Viljandi County, that has satisfied the needs of our clients for over 20 years.

We put a strong emphasis on the high quality of our production and the deadlines set by our clients. When you order from us, you can be sure that the goods will always be delivered on time.

We care about people and the environment

We highly value the environment and make an effort to ensure that our production processes are as efficient as possible. The by-products of our saw timber production and glulam production that are not suitable for briquettes and granules are used for heating energy. Through our subsidiaries, we offer heating for the local school, kindergarten, residents and other companies in Karksi-Nuia.

Textuur provides work for over 140 people.

If you value flexibility in your cooperation partners and strength in materials, you can trust us with your business.

PersonnelOur contacts

Textuur AS

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